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Integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE Solutions for Any Size Design Challenge

Customer requirements may change and time pressures may continue to mount, but your product design needs remain the same. Regardless of your project's scope, you need a powerful, easy-to-use, affordable solution.

Pro/ENGINEER is the standard in 3D product design, featuring industry-leading productivity tools that promote best practices in design while ensuring compliance with your industry and company standards. Integrated, parametric, 3D CAD/CAM/CAE solutions allow you to design faster than ever, while maximizing innovation and quality to ultimately create exceptional products.

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful, parametric design capabilities allow superior product differentiation and manufacturability
  • Fully integrated applications allow you to develop everything from concept to manufacturing within one application
  • Automatic propagation of design changes to all downstream deliverables allows you to design with confidence
  • Complete virtual simulation capabilities enable you to improve product performance and exceed product quality goals
  • Automated generation of associative tooling design and manufacturing deliverables

Innovative product design often involves creating and managing an array of components and sub-assemblies. Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Assembly enhances the productivity of distributed teams.

Competitive conditions force design teams to get it right the first time, making it critical to understand product performance early in the development cycle. Strengthen your verification and validation processes with a complete set of advanced capabilities.

You strive to make your design stand apart from the competition. The visual impression made by your work can be just as important as the product’s form and function. With Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Rendering, you can quickly create stunning, photo-realistic product images.

Inferior design practices will often inflate product development costs, due to wasted material, excessive shipping expense, and poor product performance.

Pro/ENGINEER Complete Machining offers a full solution for the creation of all types of programs for CNC machines used in production environments.

Professional mold designers now have everything they need to completely design an entire mold assembly – core, cavity and moldbase – in one package. Pro/ENGINEER Complete Mold Design combines all the features of Tool Design and Expert Moldbase...

Ensuring that proper manufacturing processes are conducted is an essential, but potentially expensive proposition. Pro/ENGINEER Computer-Aided Verification delivers a straightforward, economical answer.

Distributed computing software has been around for years, yet has remained unutilized by software engineers. Many typical engineering activities, which tend to be time-consuming, compute-intensive, and highly repetitive, benefit greatly from this concept.

Delivering innovative electromechanical designs is challenging for even the most experienced teams. Communicating design changes between disparate electrical and mechanical design solutions can be cumbersome and inefficient.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to easily collaborate on your Pro/ENGINEER files with colleagues, partners, and customers via e-mail? Now you can.

As essential foundations for a wide range of equipment, steel and aluminum frames are prevalent in virtually all industries. Pro/ENGINEER Expert Framework Extension is tailored for machine designers and equipment manufactures to simplify and speed structure design.

Many toolmakers rely on a 2D CAD approach for designing moldbases. Accordingly, Pro/ENGINEER Expert Moldbase Extension provides an ideal solution. Process-based and easy-to-learn, it allows...

With the free-form surfacing capabilities of Pro/ENGINEER Interactive Surface Design Extension, designers and engineers can quickly and easily create highly precise and distinctly aesthetic product designs.

Industry-wide, the ability to deal with CAD data from a variety of sources is an absolute necessity. Pro/ENGINEER Interface for CATIA II with ATB makes that reality a bit easier.

Industry-wide, dealing with CAD data from a variety of sources is an absolute necessity. Pro/ENGINEER Interface for CATIA V5 with ATB makes that reality a bit easier.

Industry-wide, dealing with CAD data from a variety of sources is an absolute necessity. Pro/ENGINEER Interface for I-deas makes that reality a bit easier. Its ability to import I-deas parts and assemblies greatly contributes...

Working with CAD data from a variety of sources is a necessity in many industries. Pro/ENGINEER Interface for JT is designed to translate structure, geometry and visualization information contained within JT files.

Industry-wide, the necessity of dealing with heterogeneous CAD data is a reality. Pro/ENGINEER Interface for Unigraphics with ATB makes that reality a bit easier. It connects to a live session of Siemens Unigraphics software to pass geometry back and forth with Pro/ENGINEER...

Optimizing the relationships between products and their users can present challenges to product designers in a variety of industries, especially if the users need to repetitively push, pull, carry or lift the products.

In today’s global marketplace, product design engineers often face the challenging task of ensuring that their products can be manufactured, installed, used and serviced by people around the globe. Now you can connect your 3D product designs to their intended target audience using a new

Costly and laborious prototyping hinders a design team, resulting in compromised schedules and budgets. However, with Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica, designer engineers can better understand product performance, and accommodate the digital design accordingly -- all without needing a specialist’s

Engineers need not wait for physical prototypes to test a product’s dynamic behavior. With Pro/ENGINEER Mechanism Dynamics, you can virtually simulate the forces and accelerations in systems with moving components. And, you can...

Inefficient sheetmetal manufacturing entails high levels of scrap, and manually-conducted repetitive operations. Eliminating these problems is the domain of Pro/ENGINEER NC Sheetmetal. You gain productivity by automatically creating and optimizing toolpaths using standard and form tools.

The typical design and manufacturing processes for pipe systems and electrical harnesses are not optimal. Usually involving manual routing through prototypes, it is time-consuming and error-prone.

Problems found after tooling development are always expensive and frustrating. For plastic part design and manufacture, there is a better way. By simulating the plastic-filling process for injection-molded parts, Pro/ENGINEER...

Not all CAM solutions are created equal. Some tools emphasize ease-of-use, others promote cost advantages. The best solution for directly machining product parts on production lines would be price competitive, feature-rich, yet, unlike other CAM tools...

Pro/CONCEPT provides all the tools you need for rapid and innovative conceptual design in one affordable package.

Sometimes, specific product development processes demand tailored solutions. With the Pro/ENGINEER Toolkit API, companies can extend, automate, and customize a wide range of functionality from design through manufacturing.

Pro/TOOLMAKER offers the power of high-speed machining for toolmaking, prototypes, and other precision machining applications, with a fast, easy-to-use, NC toolpath programming application...

CAM, if treated secondarily to CAD, can yield opportunities for costly delays and production mistakes. Pro/ENGINEER Production Machining provides manufacturing engineers with robust NC programming capabilities for directly...

Tooling development for progressive dies is best approached with a purpose-built solution. With Pro/ENGINEER Progressive Die software, easy-to-use wizards guide the user through automatic strip layout definition...

Pro/ENGINEER Reverse Engineering allows the transformation of existing physical products into digital models. Its suite of automation capabilities and ability to impose dramatic design changes help improve product customization and increase design re-use opportunities.

Outsourcing is critical for survival in today’s globally competitive environment. But every time you remove information from secure content management solutions and share it outside the company firewalls, your IP is at risk if it is not protected at the file level.

Product design engineers often face the frustrating task of interpreting hardcopy 2D schematics to route 3D cables and pipes. Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer offers a remedy.

Product designs are continually increasing in complexity and more products are incorporating electromechanical components. Designers face the challenge of optimizing these designs, decreasing costs, and ensuring product safety.

To deliver high quality products to market faster, product designers need to design for manufacturability. Not only must a product look good on the computer screen, it must fit together on the shop floor once manufactured. This requires incorporating manufacturing variance information early in the design process.

Product design complexity is often over-shadowed by that required of the mold. Pro/ENGINEER Tool Design can create even the most complex single- and multiple-cavity molds. A process-driven workflow guides the user through each step.