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Multi-dimensional product analytics

There are many dimensions of product performance.  Cost, reliability, and level of environmental compliance are a few examples.  Manufacturers struggle to gain visibility into a product’s expected performance against each of these measures early in the development process so that improvements can be made more easily and with the least expense.  Ideally, companies would even be able to understand how these dimensions change in concert, and assess how decisions in one area might affect the product’s performance in another.  ERP and business intelligence solutions cannot help as they lack the requisite analysis capabilities and deep knowledge of the product Bill of Materials.  Enter InSight, PTC’s product analytics software.  InSight helps manufacturers measure and improve product performance along multiple dimensions, which ultimately yields better-performing, more profitable products that meet cost targets.


Features & Benefits

  • Aggregates data from a variety of sources, enables the measurement and management of key product performance metrics along multiple dimensions
  • Presents analysis results in a meaningful way and makes them accessible and available to stakeholders throughout the enterprise
  • Allows influence over earliest phases of product development where decisions have the most impact and are least expensive
  • Works over entire product lifecycle, enabling continuous improvement efforts and ensuring performance targets are achieved, even as targets tighten
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