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Manikin Extension

Digital Human Modeling: Connecting people to products

In today’s global marketplace, product design engineers often face the challenging task of ensuring that their products can be manufactured, installed, used and serviced by people around the globe. Now you can connect your 3D product designs to their intended target audience using a new, integrated, easy-to use human modeling solution that saves time and cost by reducing expensive physical prototypes, and makes the process of performing ergonomics and human factors analyses easily accessible to all Pro/ENGINEER 3D CAD users.

Pro/ENGINEER Manikin Extension is a comprehensive digital human modeling solution that will help optimize your product for human-product interactions. Whether you are a mechanical engineer, CAD drafting professional, or ergonomics/human factor analysis specialist, this new module will accelerate your 3D CAD detailed design processes.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use and affordable, you can quickly insert, customize, and manipulate accurate, standards-based 3D human models
  • Insert manikin models into your 3D CAD product model to optimize designs for a specific target audience
  • Generate human reach envelopes and vision cones to understand what limitations may exist in your design. You can also gain a user’s perspective of your product and “see” what the manikin sees
  • Leverage time-saving libraries of global populations and manikin postures
  • Ensure conformance with safety and ergonomic standards


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