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Great Products Start with Great Concepts

Pro/CONCEPT provides all the tools you need for rapid and innovative conceptual design in one affordable package.

Rapidly Explore Innovative Designs with a Seamless Blend of 2D and 3D Toolsets

  • Model the most extreme product ideas without constraints
  • Easily import trace sketches and CAD geometry as reference
  • Export SLA/CAD data for prototyping

Quickly Capture, Explore and Develop Product Designs and Create Realistic Digital Product Models
This conceptual design solution combines sketching and modeling in one single, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use environment. With Pro/CONCEPT, you can:

  • Sketch, model and paint product concepts, including: creating sketches using a full palette of tools; creating and editing 3D facet models; and creating curve layouts.
  • Provide photorealistic images using capabilities such as: retouching images and photographs, real- time rendering, photo-rendering, and advanced photo-rendering.
  • Transfer models to and from MCAD and collaboration systems. Pro/CONCEPT can transfer file types in Pro/ENGINEER format and a variety of facet formats (STL, VRML, ProductView, OBJ, TIFF or JPEG). 3D print and stereo lithography provide the ability to produce rapid prototypes.

Conceptualize Without Limits
With integrated sketching and modeling in the same environment, you now have the freedom to brainstorm without first having to figure out which tool to use.

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