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Optimize Toolmaking and High-Speed Machining

Pro/TOOLMAKER offers the power of high-speed machining for toolmaking, prototypes, and other precision machining applications, with a fast, easy-to-use, NC toolpath programming application. Manufacturing engineers and machinists now have the most powerful package of NC programming capabilities, including NC post-processing and tooling libraries, in a single, stand-alone product package. With Pro/TOOLMAKER, manufacturing engineers can work with data from any CAD system, create associative NC toolpaths directly from CAD models, and leverage concurrent engineering. The result: you have the power to increase product quality, reduce scrap, and shave production time and costs for any design.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Quickly computes efficient, reliable toolpaths for even the most complex geometries, with highest-quality surface finishes
  • Assembles all high-speed precision machining processes into a single package:
    • Support for 3+2 machining (5-axis positioning)
    • High-speed machining strategies, optimized approach, exit and connections for roughing, rest-roughing, finishing, rest milling and more
    • Complete gouge protection on tool and holder geometry
    • Tooling library with material/feed/speed/cutting conditions
    • Provides in-process stock models to visualize the part after each machining step and to optimize subsequent toolpaths
    • Pro/NC-GPOST, for creating and updating post-processors for any type of CNC machine
    • GRANITE integration provides associativity with Pro/ENGINEER data
  • Supports multiple CAD systems and data formats
  • Extends tool life and reduces wear on machines with its optimized toolpaths, feed-rate optimization, and anti-vibration capabilities
  • Multi-threaded architecture (multi-processor support and hyper-threading) saves time- computes toolpaths faster and allows you to continue working while toolpaths are computed in the background
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