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Routed Systems Designer

Capture logic

Product design engineers often face the frustrating task of interpreting hardcopy 2D schematics to route 3D cables and pipes. Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer offers a remedy. This complete, stand-alone schematic CAD software for documenting both electrical and mechanical systems also automates the transfer of data to Pro/ENGINEER for 3D cabling and piping design. You can also leverage legacy Pro/DIAGRAM schematics and drive your 3D CAD designs. This elimination of data misinterpretation ensures logical compliance with the schematic.

For more information on Pro/ENGINEER 3D routing capabilities, please visit the Pro/ENGINEER Piping and Cabling Extension product page.

Features & Benefits

  • Create schematic designs quickly and easily, enabling complete system documentation regardless of complexity
  • Multi-disciplinary, includes capabilities for: wiring, piping, and hydraulic schematics
  • Optimized to drive 3D cabling and piping routing within Pro/ENGINEER with tested methodologies
  • Multi-user capability enables greater efficiency through concurrent design
  • Complete suite of diagramming tools encourages design reuse and automation in product development processes
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